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Gary Anderson – Principal

About Gary

I have been a lawyer in private practice for 23 years, and criminal lawyer in New South Wales since 2006.

I appear in various courts most days of the week assisting clients in all types of criminal and traffic matters.

My aim is to explain the law to you and to make you as comfortable as possible with the court process as we work to secure the optimal outcome.

If you deny the charges brought against you, we consider your prospects and advise a way forward.

If you accept the charges, we obtain all the information, documents, reports and referees to secure a fair outcome.

Importantly, where there is the possibility of repeating the same behaviour, I will assist to identify any underlying issues you may have and whether these may have impacted upon your conduct.

Where necessary I will provide links to appropriate professional services such as anger management courses, drug and alcohol counselling, traffic offender programs, psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health providers.

GCA Lawyers understands your need to minimise delay and limit the impact on your employment.